Mr. Philstivus aka Philip BonifonteMr. Philstivus, aka Philip Boni­fonte, has led a life of quiet des­per­a­tion with brief peri­ods of sheer ter­ror and ulti­mate joy thrown into the mix. He has been a mar­tial arts instruc­tor, chemist, indus­trial safety man­ager, strip club bouncer, con­struc­tion equip­ment mechanic and all-around great guy (depend­ing upon who you ask).

He is the author of T’ai-Chi for Seniors, How To Buy Weed  and his lat­est book, The Great Ham­ster Land-Speed Record, along with sev­eral thou­sand arti­cles, blog posts and forum com­men­taries. Not that that all really means any­thing, but it sounds impres­sive, doesn’t it?

Mr. Philstivus is cur­rently semi-retired and spends his days writ­ing, drink­ing cof­fee, spank­ing his cat and dream­ing of mov­ing to a trashy single-wide on the East coast of Florida.

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