It used to be that selling a book was one of the most difficult things for anyone to do because getting your book to a publisher was easy, but having them actually read it and decide to publish it was a whole other thing entirely. Luckily, with the age of the internet, it is now much easier to sell a book simply because you can do it yourself online. Selling online, especially something like an eBook, can be a bit tricky which is why in this article we are going to give you four great tips that you can you to sell eBooks online, so keep on reading if you are interested.


How to Sell Books & eBooks Online


Be smart when it comes to PR

When you are selling an eBook, it is completely up to you to promote and sell it and a great tool that you can use is PR. And while PR can be a little intimidating for some, but it is also something that definitely works. You have probably noticed that influencers are being hire to promote all kinds of products on social media, and your eBook is another great thing that they can promote. The key here is to find influencers that are in your niche and offer to send them a copy of your book. Something else that you definitely want to consider doing is giving those influencers a discount code to give out to their following because that will, most likely, make people want to buy your book even more.

Use your mailing list

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If this eBook is not your first online endeavor, then it is safe to assume that you already have access to a healthy-sized mailing list and you would be a fool not to use it. It has been proven time and time again that this is a great way to boost online sails for any kind of product, including eBooks, so that mailing list is definitely something that you need to take advantage of. If you don’t have a mailing list, then it is a great idea to build it before the launch happens and you can do that when promoting your book on your social media pages. Set up a way that will allow you to capture those email addresses when people go on your website, and in return offer to give them some kind of advantage, like a chance for them to get the book before anyone else or some kind of special deal. Make sure to also collect email addresses while the sales are happening, because that will help you the next time that you want to sell eBooks online.

Make sure the price is right

Choosing the right price can be a challenge, mostly because you are the only one that knows exactly how much work you have put into it, however in order for you to get the sales that you are after, you need to be realistic and objective. You need to make sure that you don’t overprice the book, especially if it’s your first one because it just isn’t realistic for you to think that people will want to pay a large amount of money to an author that is just starting out. However, if you do already have some kind of online following, then you can allow yourself to make the price a bit higher, because you already have an audience that trusts you and your opinion and that wants to hear what you have to say. If you still can’t figure out the right price, it is always a great idea to look at the competition and see what works for them and taka it from there.

How to Sell Ebooks Online

Never stop promoting it

When releasing an eBook, you probably have a release date in mind, but that really isn’t where your work stops, in fact that is where a different kind of work begins. Once the eBook launches, you need to give a good five or six months of extra promoting because keeping the momentum of the launch is key. You should make sure to send emails regularly in order to remind the people on your mailing list that the eBook is available for purchase, but still not too often so that they consider it as spam. You should also focus on your social media and keep the campaigns going there and definitely continue to work with influencers during this period as well.

Now that you have seen the tips, you can see that they are super simple and the will definitely be easy to implement. We hope that you find this article helpful and you find the tips interesting enough so that you will consider implementing them when you want to sell eBooks online.


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